m e e t   k a r i !

Standing at a towering 5 foot 2. There's more to Kari than her tiny feet.


The Founder

k a r i   w o n g

Hey there! I'm Kari and I'm currently a lululemon educator who has a passion for all things design. My speciality is visual branding & UX but I love creating anything that spreads a little joy and happiness.

Outside of designing I love enjoying the outdoors, drinking caramel macchiatos, photography, and most importantly irish dancing! 


Vision & Goals

"You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream."

My vision at 37:

The smell of coffee beans awakens my nose, As my eyelids flutter at the sight of sunlight. I roll across my large king bed, And open my curtains to a large mountain view.

The open air, the evergreen trees. The way it relaxes every muscle in my body, from one deep inhale. Every morning I get to listen to the calming sounds of nature with the person who enriches my life the most.

Another work day has come around, But when you love what you do, is it really work? I shuffle to my office with breakfast in hand and fire up my iMac.

My sketchbook is full of endless doodles and eraser shavings cover the table. What makes a good logo one might ask? Well there are many things... But it must always be simple, versatile and relevant. With another happy client, my next passion awaits.

My hard shoes weigh down my lulu bag, as I walk down the downtown busy streets. I can hear the laughter of the children awaiting outside the studio.

The studio is cold and each time I never bring enough layers. A lively reel is playing from behind me as the kids go through their drills.

My voice echoes as I yell phrases such as “ CROSS! FEET OUT!! ARMS!”. This is my happy place, this is where I end each of my days. 










Goals Accomplished To Date


    SeaWheeze Half Marathon 2017 -- Time: 2:40

    Paid off credit cards!

    Allowing one day a week to focus on myself

    Expanding my design company




    I will give myself 30 min of 'me' time each day.

    I will not over commit myself nor feel guilty for turning down events or projects.

    I will continue to write down one gratitude and clearing each day.





    I will be more confident in my work and the pieces I create.

    I will create a new design once a month.

    I will take my camera with me at every opportunity.





    I will keep in touch with friends and family through text or sweat dates, at least once a week.

    I will not feel guilty when I need to reach out for support..






    I will keep active at least 4-5 times a week through, circuit classes, irish dance or going to the gym.

    I will continue to eat more thoughtfully and prepare my lunches ahead of time.