"You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream."

vision & goals

My vision at 38:

I start each morning with a cup of tea and a gratitude with the person who enriches my life the most. Then I put on my wellies and head out for the day. As I walk down the chaotic London streets listening to Lauv on repeat, I’m the only one smiling in the rain. There is something magical about walking in the rain, maybe it’s because I like to find the good within the bad. Today’s office will be a cute café in the West End. I love that every day I can pick a new place to inspire me. Designing gives me great joy, but being able to support businesses that need a little insight makes me even happier. Just as quick as I drank my tea the morning is over and it’s time to hit my favourite circuit class. Every day includes some ‘me’ time. Usually it consists of a workout and recovering with a book or movie. The evening has now approached and it’s date night. Tonight we are doing a cocktail masterclass! Every week it’s different, sometimes it’s simple sometimes it’s adventurous. Now that the day is over I reflect how it’s the little moments that measure happiness. Doing what I love and spending time with the people I love is my happiness and it will outweigh every storm.


Happiness | Compassion | Authenticity | Integrity | Confidence | Fun




I will give myself 30 min of 'me' time each day.

I will not over commit myself nor feel guilty for turning down events or projects.

I will continue to write down one gratitude and clearing each day.









I will be more confident in my work and the pieces I create.

I will create a new design once a month.

I will take my camera with me at every opportunity.



I will keep active at least 4-5 times a week through, circuit classes, irish dance or going to the gym.

I will continue to eat more thoughtfully and prepare my lunches ahead of time.


I will keep in touch with friends and family through text or sweat dates, at least once a week.

I will not feel guilty when I need to reach out for support..