Make it simple, but significant.

On Purpose

'On Purpose' was a weekend retreat in the heart of Pemberton, BC hosted by lululemon yvr.  My involvement in this project was designing all brand aspects from the logo to the weekend itinerary. 

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Socks In Transition

In my Interactive Arts course my group and I created an interactive project based on the ideas of missing socks and humans emotion of letting go. We wanted our project to assist our participants in letting go of whatever problem, or emotion they are holding on to. The match of a missing sock is something many hold on to in hopes of finding its match. The sock served as a symbol and container of the thing our participants would be letting go.


- Designed a visual diagram of the interactive process 

- Designed a map of the room the project was conducted in 

- Voiced the narration in the instructional video

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Completing The Puzzle


This documentary I created with Dorcas Young for our IAT 202 class is about the lack of programs for adults with autism. This project meant a lot to me as it featured my amazing cousin Siobhan, who was diagnosed with autism at a young age.